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IITAP’s research is one of the reasons that our certifications are highly sought after in the sexual addiction community.

Are you asking the right questions?

  • Do you know which of the 144 sexually acting out behaviors has your client done?
  • What is your client’s arousal template?
  • When preparing for a disclosure, does the partner need to know everything?
  • Is therapeutic separation always necessary?
  • Does your client have financial consequences because of their addiction? If so, in what areas?

Benefits of Certification

  • 24/7 access to industry leading community professionals
  • Training and access to treatment materials utilizing the 30 task model
  • Access to assessment materials such as the Sexual Dependency Inventory 4.0
  • Discount on the Recovery Start Kit and all Gentle Path Press publications and recovery tools
  • Complimentary online marketing through our website
  • Opportunities to attend the Annual IITAP Symposium
  • Priority registration for other recovery related workshops and training seminars

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