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Recognizing and Treating Complex Trauma in Partners of Sex Addicts (Stefanie Carnes)
Multicultural Considerations for Working With African or Black Americans and Intimacy Disorders (Ruby Johnson)
Internet Porn and Today’s Young Adults Shame and its relationship to sex addiction: Shame, guilt, perfectionism, self-compassion (William Feuerborn & Duane Osterlind)
Mindfulness for Problematic Sexual Behaviors (Sue Neufeld-Ellis)
Mining for Intimacy: Getting to the Core of Relational Dysfunction and Discovering the Path Towards Meaningful Relationships (Rachel Allen & Angie Cella)
The Invisible Betrayal: The Eroticism of Enmeshment (Kenneth Adams & Kate Balestrieri)
My Partner as a Mirror: Effective interventions to Heal the Wounded Relationship (Karen Brownd & Associates)
The Performables of Hope: Vision Casting to Foster Client Healing (Jeff Morgan)
Toxic & Addictive Love: How To Help Those In The Cycle (Janie Lacy)
Working With the Highly Dissociative Addict and Partner: Assessment, Treatment and techniques for Fostering Integration of the Self (Jan Beauregard)
Supervision in the CSAT Process (Greg Futral & Deborah Schiller)
Calming the Storm: Emotional Regulation with Potentially Dangerous Clients (Tim Barber & Gary Lee)
What About the John? Understanding the How, What, and Why of a “Solicitation of Prostitution” Education Class (Pennie Carnes)
The Power of a Male-Female Clinical team to Enhance Healing in the Treatment of Sexual Addiction (Michael Howard & Stefanie Petyak)
Treating Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity in Military Populations (Michael Howard)
Friend or Foe? Restoring Secure Functioning in the Recovering Couple (Marty Simpson & Rick Hupp)
Lamp of the Word – Using Bible Stories and Principles to Enhance Clinical Work (Marnie Ferree)
Emotion Regulation Interventions for Abstinence and Relapse Prevention (Laurie Miles)
Working With Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse From a Psychobiological and Internal Family Systems Perspective (Anthony Rodriguez)
Identifying Partner Presentation Type in Order to Reduce Treatment Induced Trauma and Drive Effective Attachment to Treatment (Amanda Chinchilla)
Love and Play: Therapeutic Action and the Integration of Self (Alex Katehakis)
Working With Adolescents With Sexual Compulsions or Addictions, as Well as Their Families (Adrian Hickmon)
Financial Domination and Power Plays (Debra Kaplan)
Couples in Recovery: Creating the Couples Healthy Sexual Template for Love (Debi Briesacher)
Relational Circles: Building on the Three Circles of Recovery (Dan Drake)
Post Traumatic Growth (Carol Juergensen Sheets)
MAWASI in the Therapy Room (Bonnie DenDooven)
Humanizing Sex Trafficked Workers in Sex Addiction Treatment (Barbara Christian)
Using the 30 Tasks to Expand Sexual Sobriety into Relationship Repair and Growth (Jonathan Taylor & Jackie Pack)
Impact Letters: an Axis of Healing for Partners (Kenneth Adams & Hope Ray)
Sadomasochism in Sex Addiction (Monica Meyer)
Sexual Orientation Conflict & Reparative Therapy (Monica Meyer)