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Assessment Tools

All assessment tools are available at Recovery Zone. For a quick tutorial of how to log ink, assign tokens, and view reports, please click here to view the powerpoint slides.

Recovery Start Kit

The psycoeducational curriculum for the Recovery Start Kit is organized into 10 Modules to support therapists’ use of the program. The tutorials, along with power-points, audio CDs, and a history of the Foundations of the RSK are provided by clicking here.

SDI 4.0

The Sexual Dependency Inventory (or SDI 4.0) has recently been updated to include even more valuable information to assist our specially trained therapists in assessing problematic sexual behaviors.

To watch a training video with Dr. Stefanie Carnes, select one of the following options.

The powerpoints used in Dr. Carnes’ presentation can be found here.

PTSI Trauma Profile

The Post-Traumatic Stress Inventory is an assessment appropriate for most clientele. This assessment was designed to assess current style of functioning, related to past or current trauma, and is based upon the latest research, as opposed to standardized levels of traumatic pathology.

PTSI-R Trauma Profile

Typically, trauma tests and questionnaires are designed for a specific population in mind which may preclude certain clinical features or co-occurring populations. The PTSI-R was designed to avoid these issues, as well as to include previously excluded populations such as sexual addiction.


The Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index (MAWASI ©) evolved out the initial work of Bonnie Dendooven’s search to help others with issues surrounding money and work. Utilizing theories in attachment, neuromarketing, and behavioral economics Ms. Dendooven had originally designed the test with 9 subscales. A factor analysis revealed 12 subscales.

These 12 subscales represent the various ways (behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively) that money and/or work has affected the individuals life. Moreover, they show how the indiviual has adpated his or her life to those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

PSS Report

The Partner Sexuality Survey was designed by Dr. Stefanie Carnes to assist partners in identifying the areas of his or her own sexuality that may have been impacted by his or her relationship with the sex addict.


The Inventory for Partner Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma is a battery of assessments that examine the partner’s traumatic reactions, family of origin, strengths, and attachment styles.